The Arizona National Livestock Show Skill-A-Thon is a specialized competition that tests participants’ knowledge and skills related to livestock, including various aspects of animal care, management, and agriculture.

Participants will be given a written exam consisting of questions related to livestock, animal health, nutrition, breeding, and management. In addition, there will be rotations where participants must identify various aspects of livestock and agricultural items including breed, equipment, and feed. Finally, participants will be asked to demonstrate their problem solving skills as they are presented with scenarios related to livestock management such as calculating feed rations, diagnosing and treating common livestock health issues, or making decisions about breeding and genetics.

In addition to being a competition, participants who take part in the Skill-A-Thon are provided valuable educational opportunities and gain knowledge and practical skills in livestock management and agriculture. This contest promotes learning, fosters a deeper understanding of the industry, and encourages hands-on experiences related to caring for and showcasing livestock at agricultural events.

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