Speaking Contests at the Arizona National Livestock Show

Speaking contests at the Arizona National Livestock Show allow participants, often students or individuals involved in agricultural education programs like FFA (Future Farmers of America) or 4-H clubs, to deliver prepared speeches on topics related to agriculture and related fields. These contests serve as opportunities for participants to enhance their public speaking skills, demonstrate their knowledge, and advocate for agricultural issues.

Participants select specific agricultural topics to prepare speeches on. Topics can vary widely, covering areas such as agricultural practices, agribusiness, sustainability, and agricultural policy. Judges assess participants based on their content, organization, delivery, and overall effectiveness in communicating their chosen topic.

In these contests, participants to deliver prepared speeches on agricultural topics, enhancing their public speaking skills and promoting awareness and advocacy for agriculture and related fields. These contests play a crucial role in developing the communication and advocacy abilities of individuals interested in the agricultural industry. As young people develop research and critical thinking skills, enhance their ability to communicate effectively, and become advocates for agriculture and related fields.

Prepared Public Speaking Contest

For over 20 years, the Public Speaking Contest at the Arizona National Livestock Show has allowed youth an opportunity to demonstrate writing and speaking skills.

Premium money for placings:
First Place: $500
Second Place: $300
Third Place: $200

Participants may choose any current subject of an agricultural nature for their speeches. This may include the areas of agribusiness, animal systems, plant systems, environmental services, food products and processing, natural resource systems and power, structural and technical systems.

FFA Creed Contest

The FFA Creed Contest is open to any Greenhand FFA Member from any state who is a high school student currently taking an agricultural education course or has completed all the agricultural education courses offered.  Contestants who have won their respective state Creed Speaking Contest or who has competed at the National FFA Convention in the FFA Creed Speaking competition are not eligible to compete.


4-H Creed Contest

The 4-H Creed Contest is open to any 4-H member (age 8-13 as of January 1) from any state, who is a member in good standing in a club as certified by their current 4-H leader.

The Arizona National Livestock Show Creed Contest first place awards are sponsored by Colonel Paul Ramirez of Tucson, Arizona. In each contest, the first place winner receives $100, while second through fifth place will receive an award. The 4-H and FFA Contest champions will present their respective creed during the opening ceremonies of the Junior Market Auction.

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