Agricultural Mechanics

The Arizona National Livestock Show’s Ag Mechanics Show showcases agricultural mechanics projects created by students and participants, often in the context of agricultural education programs or 4-H clubs. This event provides a platform for individuals to display their skills and craftsmanship in various categories, including Ornamental Welding, Woodworking, Small Metal Projects, and more.

These projects often demonstrate the fusion of creativity and welding and woodworking skills, resulting in sculptures, signs, or functional art pieces with an agricultural theme. Participants may create functional items or decorative pieces with an agricultural flair.

Participants compete against each other within their respective categories and are assessed on the craftsmanship, creativity, and adherence to project guidelines.

The Ag Mechanics Show promotes and recognize the skills and talents of participants, encouraging continued interest in agriculture and related trades. For some participants, these projects can be a stepping stone toward careers in welding, woodworking, metalwork, or related fields.

This is a great chance to show off your trade skills! Want to earn some money? We’ve got you covered. You have the option of submitting your project to the Silent Auction to be sold at the show. And… a portion of the proceeds goes towards the Arizona National Scholarship Program. See… win, win!

The project selected as Best of Show will be auctioned at the Show Dedication.

Showcased in the Cowboy Classics, everyone who attends the show is invited to view your hard work and talents, and participate in the silent auction.

Contest Divisions:

  • Ornamental Welding / Cutting Project
  • Woodworking
  • Small Metal Project
  • Large Metal or Wood Project

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