The Junior Market Swine Show became part of the Arizona National Livestock Show in 1980. In 2014, the partnership developed when the National Junior Swine Association and Team Purebred expanded the show to a Pedigreed Barrow Show and Pedigreed Gilt Show & Sale. The partnership with ANLS and both National Swine organizations creates new opportunities for youth to not only exhibit outstanding genetics, but also gain valuable life skills through competition and educational activities.

Show Specifics
Market hogs range between 220 and 285 pounds, and show classes are determined by both breed and weight. Market swine are judged on their length of loin, size of hams, ease of movement, body width and depth. The Grand Champion Market Hog is selected from the Champions of every breed and crossbreds from the Market Barrow Show.

Breeding gilts are born April 1 of the current year, or later and are evaluated on their structure, breed type and suitability to become production sows.

Breeds of Hogs

  • Berkshire, Chester White, Duroc, Hampshire, Hereford/Tamworth (compete together), Landrace, Poland, Spot, Yorkshire, Crossbred

Arizona National Gilt Sale

  • A Breeding Gilt Sale is offered at the conclusion of the Pedigreed Gilt Show, December 29. All champion and reserve breed champion females are required to sell, as well as the grand and reserve overall.


General rules, fees, health requirements, divisions, contest schedules and more can be found in the Livestock Show Premium Book. Enter online through the Show Entry Portal.