The Junior Market Lamb Show was initiated at the Arizona National Livestock Show in 1977, and continues to remain competitive.

Youth Benefit From Exhibiting Sheep

Through their involvement in raising a lamb, exhibitors are able to consider multiple careers and occupations, learn expected workplace behavior, develop specific skills within an industry, and are given opportunities to apply academic and occupational skills. Through these strategies, exhibitors learn how to apply what they are learning in the classroom in preparation to transition into the world of college and career opportunities.

Judging Sheep

Market lambs are judged on the amount of muscling in their hind legs; the length, width and thickness of the loin; structural correctness; volume and capacity; style and balance.

Show Specifics

Exhibitors competing in the Market Lamb Show must own a lamb by October 31. The lamb will be approximately 10 months old when sold at the Junior Market Auction.  The Grand Champion Market Lamb is selected from division weight group champions.

Fast Facts

  • Exhibitors represent 27 states
  • Exhibitors are 8-22 years old as of January 1 of the current year
  • 530 market lambs were entered in the show