Established with the main purpose to preserve and record history in 1976, the Arizona Pioneer Stockmen Association recognizes men and women in the livestock industry who helped develop the State of Arizona. The Arizona Ag Industry started somewhere, and it is the associations purpose to remember the triumphs and sacrifices made by the honorable pioneers that broke ground here so many years in the past.

Membership is open to living Arizona residents, age 65 or older, who have been involved in the livestock industry.To become a member of the association, or to nominate someone for membership, please fill out and submit a membership form. Approved members will receive a certificate, and will be asked to submit information for the Pioneer Ranch History publication.

Benefits of being a member include special rights to attend the annual Arizona National Livestock Show. The Show supports and hosts the Pioneer Stockmen’s annual membership meeting and luncheon. Members have the opportunity to reconnect with fellow pioneers, as well as enjoy seeing some of the nations finest livestock brought for the purpose of of the Junior Market Sale of Champions. Pioneers also receive the opportunity to have their stories published in the associations Pioneer Ranch Histories. Pioneer histories will be preserved for as long as the records are kept, and the world will be able to look back on that history to see what was put in to establish the state of Arizona.

Pioneer Ranch Histories

Published by the Arizona National Livestock Show in partnership with the Arizona State Cowbelles, the Pioneer Ranch Histories are historical volumes comprised of real-life stories of Arizona Pioneer Stockmen members. These stories are told in the words of the men and women who lived them — first hand accounts of the lives of these pioneers. The first volume was published in 1978, and, to date, 30 volumes are in print.

Want to record your Pioneer History? Here’s how!

1) Become a member of the Arizona Pioneer Stockmen organization.
2) Submit your story, which can be written by you or someone you choose to assist you.
3) Include details about your family, the hardships you endured, the joys you experienced
4) Send a photo you would like used on the cover of the Pioneer Volume.

All stories are welcome, whether they be ordinary or extraordinary. We also accept stories written posthumously about Arizona Pioneer Stockmen. If you have a story, we want to write it down in history. Why write your story? Because its a part of our history that was crucial to the development of the state, and should be preserved for future generations.

Send your story and photo by October 1 to:


Arizona National Livestock Show
1826 W. McDowell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85007


Scanned Copies of Pioneer Stockman Volumes

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