Farm Experience

The “Farm Experience” is a series of events at the Arizona National Livestock Show designed to educate people, especially children, about farm animals, their care, and their importance in agriculture. These events focus on providing information and interactive experiences to teach attendees about various aspects of livestock production.

The ultimate goal is that the events at the Farm Experience help to foster an appreciation for livestock production and encourage responsible and sustainable practices in agriculture and an understanding of where our food comes from.

Sponsored by the Robert Kemper Corrigan Foundation, The Farm Experience at the Arizona National Livestock Show educates youth about agriculture through fun activities and interactive learning stations.

Wrangler Round-Up

Got a young’un that can’t wait to start their rodeo career? Well… we’ve got just the thing for you. Arizona National’s Wrangler Round-Up has the full rodeo experience… without all the danger.

Pedal Tractor Pull

The pedal tractor pull is a tractor race where the goal is get across finish line in the fastest time and you’ll win! Sounds pretty easy, right? Hmmm… not quite. As you pedal farther, the tractors get harder and harder to pull. Are you up for the challenge?

Li’l Buckaroo Rodeo

One of the highlights of the Arizona National Livestock Show is our Li’l Buckaroo Rodeo where boys and girls have the chance to compete like real cowboys and cowgirls. Watch these little buckaroos ride wild and woolly sheep across the arena in the hopes of winning the go-round and moving on to the finals.

The top two places in each age group from each performance will return to compete in the finals for the coveted title of Li’l Buckaroo Champion of their age group. Even though only one contestant goes home as champion, each contestant will go home with a prize for their courageous effort.

Goat Roping – Breakaway

Want to know who’s the best goat roper in at the Arizona National Livestock Show? Well, you better come watch the goat roping competition to find out! At the show, you will be able to prove your skills and compete to be the fastest breakaway goat roper.

Goat Roping – Team Roping

If you and your buddies like to rope goats in your free time, then we’ve got the thing for you! Adults and children of any age will have the opportunity to rope a goat on foot in teams of two (header and heeler).

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