1. Download the Premium Book to look up rules and entry regulations specific to you and your animal.
  2. Create an exhibitor ShoWorks account by selecting the link titled “DNA Kit Order & Online Entry System”
  3. Are you a Market or Open/Breeding animal Exhibitor? Entry varies depending on which one you are.
    1. Market Exhibitors will begin by ordering DNA
      1. After creating an account, select “DNA Kit Orders” from the department drop down menu. The system will guide you through the order process. Once a DNA kit order is submitted, it will be sent to the address associated with the exhibitor account within 1-2 business days.
      2. Market entries cannot be completed with out having a DNA kit number. Please record the kit number and which animal it belongs in order to log back into your account to submit market entries.
    2. Open and Breeding Stock Exhibitors do not need to submit DNA and can begin submitting entries once the exhibitor account is made.
  4. Make sure entries are submitted by 11:59pm Arizona MST on October 31st to meet the deadline requirement. (DNA Kits just have to be postmarked by the official US Post Office on Oct 31 to be on time).
  5. Finally, wait eagerly for showtime in December! See you at the show!