The new year starts with the annual Arizona National AQHA Horse Show, held at the renowned WestWorld show facilities in Scottsdale.
Rain or shine, horse men and women from all over the West travel to participate in the AQHA-Approved Quarter Horse Show, competing in events such as Ranch Riding, Reining, Halter and more. As the first circuit show of the year, Scottsdale is a great place to exhibit young horses in preparation for the new year of shows.

This AQHA-Approved show will be double judged by carded AQHA judges.

Location and Facilities:
WestWorld’s facilities are elite and beautiful, featuring an indoor show ring, several arenas and warm up pens, and vendor space for the show.

Meet the show!

If you follow our Facebook page, @aznationals, you probably saw some spotlight articles about various exhibitors and trainers who attended the show. And, if you’re anything like we are, you probably would enjoy looking back on the various tips gathered from horse people with numerous years of experience showing horses. We’ve gathered all of those stories just for you one our blog. Happy reading!

2019 Results: here