The Showmanship Contest at the Arizona National Livestock Show rewards outstanding junior exhibitors, and provides an opportunity to both learn and engage in proper showmanship techniques. Contestants are judged on attitude, exhibitor and animal appearance, correct showmanship techniques, skill and knowledge. Showmanship Division winners are eligible, and required, to compete in the Master Showmanship competition.


Showmanship Divisions:

  • Beef: for Market Cattle and Junior Heifer show entries
  • Sheep: for Market Lamb and Breeding Ewe show entries
  • Swine: for Market Swine and Breeding Gilt show entries
  • Prospect Cattle: for Prospect Cattle show entries (not eligible for Master Showmanship)
  • Market Goat: for Market Goat show entries


Entry Deadline: December 1
Entry Fee: $15
Late Entries: $30


Exhibitor eligibility, age requirements, age group divisions and contest schedules can be found in the Livestock Show Premium Book. Enter online through the Show Entry Portal.


Master Showmanship

The Master Showmanship contest showcases multiple proficiencies of a livestock showman, and evaluates exhibitors beyond their show ring ability by testing their knowledge and communication talents.

The contest is broken into three parts.


Part One: All Species Showmanship Rotation

Each Master Showmanship exhibitor must successfully show a steer or heifer, lamb, hog, and market goat. Livestock and equipment will be provided for this portion of the competition.


Part Two: Extemporaneous Response

Each exhibitor will answer two questions on the microphone, giving a response in two minutes or less.


Part Three: Master Showmanship Skill-A-Thon

This hands-on competition testing exhibitor knowledge will feature four sections – Meat Cut Identification, Animal Nutrition Word Problems, Pedigree Analysis, and Livestock Equipment ID.


More rules, information, requirements, and scoring guidelines for the Master Showmanship Competition can be found in the Livestock Show Premium Book.