The Arizona National Horse Show is excited to continue with the third annual Show-Off Circuit, open to all breeds and ages, competing for fun prizes and overall show ring experience. This is a great first time horse show for those who are new to the show world, and it is equally as great for experienced hands looking for a place to put show ring miles on young horses. There will be a series of shows held in February, March, April, May, September, October and November. Each show will have rail and game classes, though the class list may change between shows. New additions to the show include: halter, ranch riding, reining, western riding, bubble gum race, sock race, etc. Check the rule book below for class guidelines, and general show information.

Entry Fees:

  • All Day Fee $35
  • Late Fee on Show Day is $35 – no late fee if entry paperwork is emailed in by 8am on the Friday before show day
  • *Horse Lovers Park Day Fee ($5) or Yearly Membership ($35)