The Annual Arizona Working Ranch Horse Competition, provides a contest for horses from Arizona’s working cattle ranches. As they take years to train, ranchers consider their horse a trusted partner in daily duties. Taking great pride in their horse’s abilities, you can bet the competition among the ranchers will be fierce.

Show Specifics

Each horse and rider will have six minutes to execute a series of events commonly required in everyday ranch work, showcasing abilities to maneuver and work cattle.


Titles to Earn

  • Champion Ranch Horse
  • Reserve Champion Ranch Horse

Jackpot Payout

  • 100% of collected entry fees added to payout jackpot


Arrival Deadline: 7:00 AM December 29th

Contest: 10:30 AM December 29th

Located in Grandstand Area.

Entry Deadline:

December 1st

Please refer to the Premium Book for more details.

Ranch Horse Competition Chair:


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