The Arizona National Livestock Show provides an opportunity for FFA and 4-H exhibitors to learn to excel in the business of raising and caring for their animals. The Youth Auction, a Sale of Champion animals and projects, will be held in the Agricultural Center, and dates and times can be found in this schedule.

Support the Sale

The overarching goal of the Youth Auction is to encourage exhibitors to seek higher education through dollars earned in the sale of their champion animal. While money for each sale lot goes directly to the exhibitor, your support of the youth auction also benefits the Arizona National Livestock Show Scholarship Program, which has awarded more than $900,000 to date to college students seeking an undergraduate degree.  Twenty percent of the amount a buyer pays exceeding market price will directly benefit the scholarship program.  By purchasing an animal in the youth auction, you can take pride in knowing you have supported future leaders, allowed for the development of a livestock project, and encouraged and provided seed money for a college education.