New Year’s Resolutions for Stock Show Kids

Happy 2018!Today, as we wind down from the livestock show and head right into the horse show, we’re taking a breather to identify resolutions for the new year.

Create a relationship with a breeder.  
Forming new relationships allows you to gain another reliable mentor in your show circle. Because breeders know the bloodline of their animals, they will have invaluable advice on how to best care for your animal. 

Seek out a mentor.
Your feed representative, FFA advisor, 4-H leader, or someone you look up to in your show community can be a strong candidate for a mentor.

Attend two practice shows before your next major county/state/national show.
The show environment can be overwhelming and stressful – for you and your animals. Practice shows will prepare you for what to expect at major shows, and your show stock adjust to traveling.

Get a showmanship callback 
While market is the part of the show that showcases your animal, showmanship showcases yourself! There is no recipe to become the perfect showman.  Every judge may like things done just a little bit differently.  One thing no one can deny is hard work of practices your showmanship skills will pay off. Make it a goal for your next major show to get a callback in showmanship!

Thank your show team.
Your parents, grandparents, or whoever it is driving you around the show circuit is your show team, your number one fans, and are often the ones in the background ensuring you’re ready for the show ring. While you may be grateful for their unwavering support, they’ll be grateful when you take a moment out of your day to properly thank them.

Write down your new year’s resolutions.
You are more likely to accomplish your goals when written down – no matter if it’s on your show box or your bathroom mirror. Keeping your goals in sight serve as a constant reminder of what you wish to achieve for the year.
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Taylor Rogers, a native of Mesa, Arizona, is  pursuing a master’s degree in agricultural communications at Texas A&M University. She is serving as a 2017 Arizona National Livestock Show Digital Media Intern.