Began in 1976 with the main purpose to preserve and record history, the Arizona Pioneer Stockmen Association recognizes men and women in the livestock industry who helped develop the State of Arizona. Membership is open to living Arizona residents, age 75 or older, who have been involved in the livestock industry.

To become a member of the association, or to nominate someone for membership, please fill out and submit the Approved members will receive a certificate, and will be asked to submit information for the Pioneer Ranch History publication.

Held annually in December-January, Pioneer Stockmen Association members are encouraged to come enjoy the activities of the Arizona National Livestock Show — a national showcase for the livestock industry. Members are invited to the Pioneer Luncheon, held annually during the show.

Pioneer Ranch Histories
Published by the Arizona National Livestock Show in partnership with the Arizona State Cowbelles, the Pioneer Ranch Histories are historical volumes comprised of real-life stories of Arizona Pioneer Stockmen members. These stories are told in the words of the men and women who lived them — first hand accounts of the lives of these pioneers. The first volume was published in 1978, and, to date, 27 volumes are in print.

How do I get my story in a volume?
Become a member of the Arizona Pioneer Stockmen organization
Submit your story, which can be written by you or someone you choose to assist you
Include details about your family, the hardships you endured, the joys you experienced
Stories are welcome whether ordinary or extraordinary
Send a photo you would like used on the cover of the Pioneer Volume
We also accept stories written posthumously about Arizona Pioneer Stockmen

Send your story and photo by October 1 to:


Arizona National Livestock Show
1826 W. McDowell Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Why should I write my story?
Join with other pioneers to tell the stories that help chronicle the role played by men and women in livestock or agriculture and their influence on the development of Arizona. Join us in providing an historical legacy for all generations of Arizonans to enjoy.