The Arizona National Horse Show is thrilled to introduce the Show-Off Circuit – a brand new, open-breed horse show circuit specifically for Arizonans.

The circuit was developed as a solution for the considerable lack of affordable, open breed horse shows accessible to the general public of Arizona. As an added benefit, the circuit also provides opportunities for youth to become more involved in the equine show industry.

This competition is open to all breeds and ages, competing for fun prizes and an overall circuit High Point title. A total of 8 shows will be held from September 2017 through May 2018. Show points earned count towards an overall High Point award at the conclusion of the circuit.

The Versatility Class is a main attraction in which riders compete in a series of four back-to-back events, and are required to change tack in the arena. Winners of this class will receive a $175 gift certificate.


Ranch Riding has been added to the class list!

The Show-Off Circuit has plenty of Game Classes to compete in, including:

  • Barrel racing,
  • Pole bending
  • Egg and Spoon
  • And so much more!


  • First place class winners receive an award valued at $25
  • Ribbons given to first through tenth places